CodeSecure™ Wireless Security System

GSM Ready !


Commercial, residential


* Easy to program and use
* Command First™ Intuitive System Operation
* 29 PowerCode™ wireless zones, 1 wired zone
* Built-in modem & communications package
* Built-in audio package French, Dutch or English
* Large back-lit LCD display
* Internal 85 dB sounder

* X-10 powerline carrier control
* 1 PGM output, 2 siren outputs
* Rechargeable battery back-up
* 8 User Codes
* Up to 8 Encrypted Keyfobs
* 100 Event log
* RS232 Programming Port


A new type of advanced wireless security system with the full range of features to serve any residential and many commercial applications.
Elegant console design houses a sophisticated 30-zone integrated security, fire and automation system with built-in control panel, keypad, graphic LCD display, 85db sounder, speaker and microphone, all in one package.
The speaker enables a host of digital audio features, including voice prompt operator, instructions, message center record and playback as well as 2-way voice monitoring.
Also introduces pager formats, and the option to deliver audio messages to private telephone numbers (in addition to signals to the monitoring station).


Zones: 29 wireless, 1 hardwired (zone 30).
Zone Types: Interior, perimeter, delay 1, delay 2, follower-perimeter, 24 hours - audible,
24 hours - silent, fire, non-alarm and emergency.
User Codes: 8 codes, 4 digits each.

Control Facilities:

- Integral keypad
- PowerCode™/Code-Secure™ handheld transmitters
- Remote telephone or GSM
- Local or remote computer

Display: Single line, back-lit 16-character LCD and 4 LED indicators.

Alarm Types: Silent alarm, siren alarm or sounder (internal) alarm, in accordance with
zone attributes.

Siren Timeout: Programmable (4 minutes by default).
Internal Sounder : at least 85 dBA at 3 m (10 ft ).

Supervision: Programmable time frame for inactivity alert.
Data Retrieval: Status, alarm memory, trouble, event log.

Receiver Range: 150 m (500 ft ) in open space.
Coding: PowerCode™ / Code-Secure™

Battery Test: Once every 24 hours, and once per hour during AC power loss.
Report Destinations: 2 central stations, 4 private telephones, 1 pager.
Message to Central Stations programmable, to Private Phones: Verbal prerecorded.

Built-in Modem & Data Transfer to Local Computer via RS-232 serial port.

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