Computer Interface Boards
 Parallel Interface Card Universal Relay Card
- Optically isolated from computer - Up to 16 relay outputs
- 16 optically isolated digital connections - Outputs 110/220V  5-10A
- 9 analogue outputs, of which one is high precision
- 4 analogue inputs
- Simple connection with printer port
- Digital outputs I/O1 to I/O16
  Opto-coupler, open collecor output: 50mA max 30 VDC.
  Minimum conversion time to set 16 outputs : 800µs.
- Digital inputs I/O1 to I/O16
  Opto coupler : min. 5V/5mA, max. 20V/40mA.
- Anologue outputs
  8 outputs DAC1 ŕ DAC8, résolution : 64 steps.
  Minimum conversion time to set one output : 600µs.
  Minimum conversion time for eight outputs togrther : 2ms.
  Maximum output current 6mA.
  Minimum output voltage : 0.1 V at 2mA
  Maximum output voltage : 11.5V adjustable at 2mA
  Resolution per step from  0.1 ŕ 11.5V : 160mV ± 90mV
  One precision output DA1, résolution : 256 step.
  Minimum conversion time to set the output : 600µs.
  Maximum output current : 2mA.
  Minimum output voltage : 0V
  Maximum output voltage : 4.5V adjustable at 0.5mA
  Resolution per step from 0 ŕ 4.5V : 17.5mV
- Analogue inputs
  4 analogue inputs AD1 to AD4, resolution : 256 steps.
  Minimum convertion time to read one input : 1ms.
  Minimum convertion time to read four inputs : 1.6ms.
  Minimum input voltage : 0V
  Maximum input voltage : 5V
  Input impedance : +- 50Mohm
  Resolution : 19.5mV
Communication protocol : I˛C bus
Programming language :  VBA, C and Pascal
LED indication for each I/O
25 pin D series connector for computer (optically isolated)
25 pin D series connector for printer.
Supply voltage : 125/230VAC , mains supply voltage.
PCB dimensions : 237 x 133mm